Impacto de la pandemia Covid19 en el E-Commerce en América Latina

Impacto de la pandemia Covid19 en el E-Commerce en América Latina

With the inevitable “new normal” times of new challenges and opportunities come; That is why at PayU we want to share with our clients, allies, businessmen and the community, a holistic view of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on electronic commerce in Latin America.

In the first seven months of 2020, PayU processed more than 120 million transactions in more than 25 thousand merchants in addition to having around 21 million buyers, who have found in PayU security and confidence when processing their different payments.


In recent months and due to the state of emergency, the economic environment faced great changes in consumer habits, one of them was a strong migration to electronic commerce, where we evidenced a very positive outlook, thousands of users, both buyers and merchants, have used this channel and have assumed it as a convenient, safe and reliable form of business continuity. At PayU we want to continue contributing our quota to the economic reactivation and together with our businesses continue to build a value offering that helps the rapid recovery of the entire region

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CCO PayU Latam

Evolution of sales of our stores in the first 7 months of 2020

  • Growth percentage January to July 2020 vs same period 2019

PayU building trust

Buyer behavior

Buyers are, without a doubt, the most important asset for any type of company or business. It is a fact that in their hands is the success or failure of the sales, and therefore also the possibility of a future operation. The current pandemic has transformed consumer habits, a transformation that we have seen reflected in the increase in buyers shown by our various clients. These have gone from having 5.1 million monthly buyers on average (February to March 2020 - before the pandemic), to a total of 8.9 million in the month of July.

Comparing this behavior with the first 7 months of 2019, we find that buyers, transactions and sales had growth of over 50% (See graph). This conduct is evidence and testament to the trust that PayU has managed to maintain and cultivate between businesses and buyers.

The growth of our buyers reflects the growth in transactions and sales of our stores.

Our representative sectors

Sector participation

Sector participation

Monthly growth by sector 2020 vs 2019 from January to July during COVID-19

Department stores

Large stores quickly adapted to the challenges of the pandemic. From an average monthly turnover of USD 19 million before the economic situation, it went to USD 120 million, a growth of more than 500%.


Home services were positioned as a strong support for consumers and businesses alike, with growth of more than 100% compared to the January-July 2019 period.


E-commerce has alleviated the impact on sales caused by the mandatory closure of stores. A popular measure was to run campaigns of up to 50% in discounts, which incentivized online purchases.

Home & Garden

The stores of this type of articles have adopted several successful strategies, leading to growth of over 200% after May 2020.

Multi Level Marketing

Successfully adapting to meet demand during the pandemic, multilevels have seen sustained growth starting in March by allowing additional income to new entrepreneurs and people who have lost their jobs.


Periods of isolation at home translated into increases in online entertainment consumption, with average monthly increases of 100% compared to the same period in 2019.



This sector provided vital support to most economic activities. The different providers of these services have achieved average monthly growth of more than 60% compared to the same period of the previous year.


In the transition of the retail trade from physical to virtual sales, significant growth has been evidenced since May, the month in which the flexibility of mobility restrictions began.

Promoting entrepreneurships, SMEs and neighborhood businesses

At PayU we understand the economic impact that the current health crisis has had on community businesses, as well as small and medium businesses. We understand the profound transformation seen in each business and its way of selling, as well as the evolution of consumer habits. Our endeavor is to support this transformation towards increasingly positive and successful commercial modalities, accompanying bakeries, beauty salons, small fashion and footwear companies, and all those local initiatives that generate employment.
We know that these business groups are the engine of the region’s economy and that is why, at present, we bring together in our team more than 20 thousand SMB businesses, which have contributed with sales growth of over 60% compared to last year.



Comparative in sales 2020 with respect to 2019

Growth of sales month by month

Variation of processed businesses vs 2019

PayU Initiatives


PayU Days

PayU Days is an initiative that will allow you to find everything you are looking for at the best price and without having to leave home!
Discounts on the best brands with just one click. PayU Days Peru, was held from July 29 to August 5, 2020. In a few days PayU Days will arrive to Colombia from September 10 to 16. Write to us at


Together we are stronger

PayU launched its ‘Together We Are Stronger’ program to support companies to innovate and grow during this crisis! Reduction in e-commerce fees, benefits for foundations leading the fight, collective collection campaigns and more were given to several entrepreneurs. To learn more about these benefits.

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PayU-Spotify Alliance

Support your favorite artists in the fight against COVID-19! PayU joined Spotify in the new Spotify for Artists feature. Come and learn more about this exciting initiative!

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A true ally is at all times

This PayU initiative seeks to connect our network of allies with our businesses. We seek to promote mutual aid in the ecosystem.

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Together we are stronger MSMEs

We know that it has not been an easy time for many companies, that is why we have decided to support more than 100 MSMEs with a 0% rate in Visa payment methods and digital visibility.

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PayU Biz

This app allows you to increase the sales of your business in person or using social networks, sending a simple link through your cell phone.

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