Black Friday has become the best sale and discount operation for any business in the year. Although six years ago, the understanding of Black Friday was unusual; today, it has become a date where brands and companies generate strong campaigns to boost sales. And not only shops but buyers also recognize and understand that this day begins the Christmas season.


This sector has always been strong at the e-commerce level in recent years; the covid crisis has substantially impacted sales throughout the year. However, a positive factor is that with the gradual opening of the borders, added to the sector's strategies on Black Friday; it generated 1.5 million USD in sales.

The results obtained by our platform are evidence of the excellent reception of users in this particular sector; sales grew by 107%, almost USD 3.5 million compared to the Black Friday session of the previous year. And digitization was an ally to achieve it. According to Vogue Spain, 55% of buyers search for video reviews before making a purchase decision.

It is essential to observe how sales during each Black Friday grow compared to the previous year and how many retailers take advantage of the day to continue growing. This buying season started with 2.5 Million USD sales, reflecting the recovery of the losses it has left this year.

Black Friday is a date highly anticipated by the consumer to purchase technological products at prices below the usual ones. This year there was a 34% growth in sales compared to last year.

Education is always a good investment! Learning online does not mean learning alone. During the pandemic, different online communities were the perfect example of the relationships it does foster through digital education, demonstrating the results of Black Friday, exceeding by 45% the sales generated in the day of the previous year.

Although there are no numbers for the previous year regarding this sector, we cannot deny that it was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, however during Black Friday, it was possible to sell 1.4 million USD. Making way for new forms of entertainment, streaming platforms such as Netflix or YouTube have taken hold, becoming a pleasant replacement for parties, cinemas, gyms, and even restaurants.

Department stores are one of the big winners of the date. This category generated sales over USD 11.7 million and a growth of 42% compared to 2019.

With record growth figures of over 66% compared to 2019 and sales of USD 7.8 million, the fashion sector leaves behind the old milestone of low online sales. In terms of shipments, changes, and returns, generates complete sales success in the industry's adaptation.

Numerous people work and spend 100% of their time at home; this phenomenon leads them to consider creating new spaces and adapting to this new reality. This sector registered record sales of USD 2.8 million and a growth of 145% compared to 2019.

Cell phones and accessories sales are one of the biggest attractions on Black Friday. Sales were close to 2.6 million USD.


Sales in USD


Sales in USD